ICPR 2024 Call for Competitions

The ICPR 2024 Organizing Committee invites proposals for competitions that aim at evaluating the performance of algorithms and methods related to pattern recognition.

You are cordially invited to submit a proposal, that should contain the following information:

  • Contest title and abstract
  • A brief description of the competition, including what the particular task under evaluation is, why this competition is of interest to the ICPR community, and the expected number of participants
  • An outline of the competition schedule
  • Description of the dataset to be used, and the evaluation process and metrics for submitted methods
  • The names, contact information, and brief CVs of the competition organizers, outlining previous experience in performance evaluation and/or organizing competitions

The following rules shall apply to the accepted Competitions:
  • The name of competition must be standardized by starting with "ICPR 2024" e.g. "ICPR 2024 Competition on …" or "ICPR 2024 … Competition."
  • Datasets used in the competitions must be made available after the end of the competitions. Specifically, the training data and ground truth must be publicly released and there must be a way to evaluate performance on a test set. This could take the form of an evaluation server, or the test data, ground truth, and evaluation script could be made publicly available.
  • Evaluation methodologies and metrics used must be described in detail so that results can be replicated later. Evaluation scripts must be released afterwards.
  • Each competition has to be presented with a poster at a prominent place at the conference venue, and some good competitions may be selected for oral presentation during ICPR 2024.
  • Competitions must have a sufficient number of participants (greater or equal to 3) to be able to draw meaningful conclusions.
  • Reports (full papers) on each competition will be reviewed and, if accepted (the competition ran according to plan, attracted a minimum level of participation and is appropriately described), will be published in the ICPR 2024 conference proceedings.
  • Participants should not have access to the ground-truth test dataset until the end of the competition. The evaluation should be done by the organizers.

Submission Guidelines & Inquiries
All proposals should be submitted by electronic mail to the Competition Chairs (Lian Wen Jin, Richard Zanibbi, and Laurence Likforman-Sulem) via: icpr2024competition@gmail.com. We encourage competition proposals with a solid plan to remain active and challenging for the community over and above ICPR 2024.

For any inquiries you may have regarding the competitions, please contact us via above email.

Important dates (Pacific time - 23:59 PDT)
March 31, 2024 Competition Proposal Due
April 8, 2024 Competition Acceptance Notification
April 18, 2024 Individual Competition Websites are Live
July 21, 2024 Deadline for competition participants
August 18, 2024 Initial Submission of Competition Reports Deadline
September 02, 2024 Camera-Ready Papers Due
October 28, 2024 Communicate Winners to Chairs
December 1-5, 2024 Presentation at ICPR Conference

PDF copy of the call for competitions is available here.
For any enquiries please contact the
ICPR-2024 Secretariat via email at
icpr2024@gmail.com and icpr2024@isical.ac.in