ICPR-2024 Rebuttal

The portal to submit the rebuttal and revised manuscript is ready now. Please login to CMT to access the option. Note that for revision you need to upload a single PDF file in CMT consisting of the following documents in order:

  1. Detailed responses within 3 pages in LNCS format. Template for ICPR-2024 Rebuttal is available here.
  2. Revised manuscript highlighting the changes. Please note that your revised paper should be upto 16 pages (without any page charges); but you may go upto 18 pages and in that case you need to pay page charge (50 USD per page) for publication of your extra pages. Extra page charges must be paid at the time of registration.
  3. A clean revised manuscript (without any highlight)
Please note that supplementary material is not allowed during revision. You can modify your paper and include the results in the revised version of your paper. Also, if you want, you may give a link in your paper and upload the supplementary materials there.

Kindly note that Revision/Rebuttal submission deadline is July 10, 2024